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Do you want to open a lasergame activity in Croatia?

Are you ready to start making money?

Let us help you!

It doesn't matter which choice you intend to take. Our experienced staff is able to provide you with more useful information regarding the opening of a lasergame center in Croatia.  Our team can help you decide on a business model or answer questions about your current business if you want to change your outdated laser tag technology in Croatia and neighboring areas.

What kind of lasergame suits you more?

The Indoor Laser Tag  offers a kind of active activity throughout the year. Suitable for all ages. The CYBERTAG indoor structures represent the pinnacle of fun, complete with special effects, exciting missions in a full immersion into the virtual war game.

By expanding the virtual battle in an external environment, the game is more like a royal war set outdoors in the woods and / or arenas specially built by simulating battlefields. With this kind of LASERWAR game there are no limitations on the duration of the game, on any special effects, and types of mission.

Start planning your future today!

Getting started with the right foot is important!

Like many new owners or expanding businesses, you may have some questions about what's best for you.  Our team can help consolidate your operational plans, gaming ideas, customer service, best practice equipment, marketing direction, and more. Avoid expensive errors before they occur.

Proper training ensures a more sustainable operation.

Do not go to battle unprepared :)

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