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The Lasertag is a real-time military sports game. Its main goal is to defeat the opposing team by capturing special gaming objects (checkpoints, etc.) and / or firing opponents with lasertag (or tagger) artificials with embedded infrared emitters.


Despite the fact that lasertag has come to Europe since the 90's, over the last few years, about a hundred clubs have appeared in our continent


"Open Laser Game" is synonymous with lasertag in Italy and abroad. We have friends and partners in Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Turkey, Israel, Bulgaria, Estonia, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Japan, Brazil, Chile and India.


There are many companies that produce LaserTag equipment that differentiates in terms of quality, technical characteristics, targeting and some price.


We have achieved great results . Now we can assure you that we are a leader in manufacturing and marketing LaserTag indoor and outdoor equipment.


Why are we the best choice for your company?


Because we do everything we can to meet the changing needs of our customers. We continue to expand the range of products, consisting of hundreds of items, and we always try to maintain competitive prices. The high quality assurance ensures that our laser tag equipment is impeccable and without manufacturing defects. "Open Laser Game" uses innovative technology that makes our product the best choice for active recreation clubs and organizations.


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